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How Bruno Mars Helped Me Get Ready for Church

I have an issue.

Well, I have a lot of issues, but one of my lifelong struggles is ear worms.

Some call them brain worms. They are those catchy pieces of music that continually repeat through you head. Over and over and stinking over.

My ear worm of the day happened to be Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk.”

This funkalicious song is just simply my jam. I can’t sit still when I hear it. I might have danced in the pool when I heard it over the radio (to my kids embarrassment). I may grooved to it with so much enthusiasm at our last family get together that my very own sister said, “You (and the visual of your awkward dancing) just ruined that song for me.” When my kid says, “I’m hot” I might just retort, “How hot? Make a dragon want to retire, man?” And then they shake their heads and walk away. Me + Uptown Funk = Love.

But why did my brain have to play it on repeat the second I cracked my eyes open on a Sunday morning?

“Haaa! Don’t believe me just watch. Don’t believe me just watch. Don’t believe me just watch!…”

And on and on.

The only cure I have found for the my ear worms is hearing the song again.

Uptown Funk is not my Sunday morning song. I like to get my heart settled and focused on God, not thinking about being in the spot on Saturday night. “Girls hit your Hallelujah” is probably not Bruno directing the church choir. As much as Me + Uptown Funk = Love, it doesn’t prepare my heart for worship.

The stereo playing between my ears can’t stop a girl from getting ready for church though! I started curling my hair, putting on my make-up, getting the kids ready. Continually hearing Bruno singing “Don’t believe me just watch.”

“Don’t believe me just watch.”

“Don’t believe me just watch.”


Then I thought, “”Don’t believe me just watch.”

Water into Wine.

“Don’t believe me just watch.”

Healed lepers, peopled afflicted with unclean spirits, paralytics, blind people, deaf people, invalids.

“Don’t believe me just watch.”

Loaves and Fishes

“Don’t believe me just watch.”

Lazarus, widow’s son, Jairus’s daughter

“Don’t believe me just watch.” – Jesus

I was indeed thankful for my ear worm that fine Sunday morning.

I believe! I believe! I believe!

The Lord can use ANYTHING, even an ear worm , to point to Him!


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